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Free AI powered Math Kangaroo - Grades 7-12 -Every other Saturday at 11 am EST/10 am CST/8 am PST
Class Info
This pilot AI-MK class is offered to high school level students (and mathematicly advanced 7 and 8 graders).

Al Topics:
1) Image Recognition 
2) Generative Art 
3) LLMS & ChatGPT
4) Reinforcement Learning
5) AI Competition

First 4 Class Formats:
11-11:30 - Going over Math Kangaroo Grades 9-10 questions specific to a certain topic
11:30-11:45: Going over a specific AI topic
11:45-11:55: Doing an activity in groups (classwork)
11:55-12:00: Report results of group activity

Final Class Format:
30 minutes - Math Kangaroo Grades 9-10 questions on any topic
30 minutes -  Zoom poll (Quiz show) and winners announced

Prize for winning final class competition
Math Kangaroo - 
1st place: $100 Amazon gift card
2nd place: $75 Amazon gift card
3rd place: $50 Amazon gift card
MehtA+ -
Top 10: 50% off AI in Visual Arts or Ethical Hacking course


Class 1

Oct. 7
AI Topic
Image Recognition, sub-topics: Data Augmentation 
MK Topic
Circles, Rotation, Lines, Edges
Real World Application
iPhone X
Pre-Class Homework
See poster, video and read paper -
Guided reading questions of paper


Class 2

Oct. 21
AI Topic
Generative Art with focus on GANs, sub-topics: non-GAN generative art 
MK Topic
Geometry related logic puzzles/any questions with an image
Real World Application
Deep Fake
Pre-Class Homework
Create artwork:

Take a look at poster:
Show art work & questions on poster

Class 3

Nov. 4
AI Topic
LLM & ChatGPT, sub-topics: Embedding
MK Topic
Vectors, Degrees, Similarity
Real World Application
The New Bing
Pre-Class Homework
Play with ChatGPT
Read following Medium Articles:
Guided reading questions and discussion on ChatGPT

Class 4

Nov. 18
AI Topic
Reinforcement Learning
MK Topic
Anything related to games
Real World Application
Video Games
Pre-Class Homework
Watch following video:

Possible MehtA+ Medium article: (Needs to be written)
Discussion on where reinforcement learning can be useful

Availability: No future session
Expires on 03/16/2025
Cost: FREE
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