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WEBINAR Feb 12, 2022: Math Kangaroo Number Patterns for Grades 5 and 6
Webinar Information

This webinar is a great way to learn more about Math Kangaroo problems and optimal ways to approach them.
This webinar was designed for grades 5 and 6. 

Topics Covered:

1. What is pattern in math?

2. What are the main types of patterns popular among level 5-6 math kangaroo problems?

3. How to use the four-step method and the eight problem solving strategies to tackle pattern problems?

Webinar Presenter Dr. Jingqing Chai - Math Kangaroo Faculty and Curriculum Expert who contributed greatly in building Math Kangaroo online curriculum. She is passionate about science-informed parenting and has published extensively on investing in childhood development. With a Ph.D. in economics, her past professional roles included senior economist with the International Monetary Fund and senior advisor with UNICEF. In the recent years, she founded the Westchester Math Kangaroo League where she taught online and in-person classes on Creative Problem Solving with Math Kangaroo to 3rd to 6th graders and coached them for Math Kangaroo competitions. 

Webinar ContributorNoah Shi - Math Kangaroo gold medalist - each year receives a perfect score on Math Kangaroo test, participant since 3rd grade. He volunteers as a TA for Math Kangaroo classes. Noah is currently in 11th grade taking Calculus BC but enjoys any kind of math. Noah lives in Washington State.    

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