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Washington Virtual Center (2021)
General Info

Welcome to Math Kangaroo, the annual International Olympiad in Mathematics!

This Math Kangaroo Virtual Center offers the Math Kangaroo Competition test online. The test is SELF-PROCTORED and can be taken from any location with Internet access on this one particular day only. Any US student, regardless of state or territory can register here.

This participation is great for any student that would like to test their mathematical knowledge individually without being part of any school or team.

Important Information for Virtual 2024 Centers: 

What you DO NOT receive with this participation:

  • there is no T-shirt or participation gift shipped to you
  • there is no official public ranking 
  • there is no award sent home 

What you DO receive with this participation:

  • you do receive an official Math Kangaroo exam access
  • you do receive an official private score 
  • you do receive a ranking range of proctored student for comparison where your score places 
  • you do receive (by mail) a flier with MK reminders and discount codes before the competition
  • you are eligible to all free and discounted MK material as all other students as soon as you register.  


The registration fee is $21.
A late registration fee is $35 between Dec 16 and February 16.

There is no registration cancelation, or a refund offered after the registration.

A student is allowed to transfer to a different center until January 1 with no additional cost.

Math Kangaroo offers financial assistance to families in hardship; please contact to ask for assistance and provide appropriate proof of hardship. Math Kangaroo honors special accommodations with the proof provided for such need(s).

For more information please visit or email Math Kangaroo office at:

Availability: Retired
Cost: $35.00/Person
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