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Webinars SET B - Grade 1-2 - Sunday@11:45am EST
Webinar Information

Exploring Math Kangaroo is recommended for students 6-7-8 years old or in grades: 1 or 2.

This Math Kangaroo Webinar is distinct from the Competition held in March.

Best to register before January 1 to participate live in all webinar sessions.

Webinar dates: 10 Sundays – Jan.7, Jan.14, Jan.21, Jan.28,Feb.4, Feb.11, Feb.18, Feb.25, Mar.3, Mar.10

Webinar time: 11:45 a.m. EST LIVE ........................ convert into your time zone   
(or anytime watching a recording later)  

Webinar study material: teacher provides material for the webinar. There is no required textbook although for extra practice at home these books are recommended but optional.  

Handouts for the webinars. Print before each class.
Set B Webinar Handouts Level 1-2 

In this webinar a Math Kangaroo instructor incorporates engagement triggers through Polls to have students participate in an activity. There are no student-teacher discussions as it happens in a regular small group class.

Webinar Presenter: Dr. Van Koroleva
Dr. Koroleva is  Math Kangaroo Faculty with a PhD in applied mathematics from Harvard University. Van seeks to inspire students to discover their passion for math and science. She learned early in her career teaching and doing research with college students and scientists that curiosity and strong foundational skills are absolutely necessary for successful learning at higher levels. Currently she enjoys teaching students of all ages, designing highly personalized curricula, and nurturing the inquisitive minds of her young children. She was drawn to Math Kangaroo by the shared interest of spreading the love of mathematics.
Webinar Contributor: Andrew Tsai, a high school sophomore from New York City. Andrew has participated in the Math Kangaroo contest for more than 8 years. His latest national rank is 8th for Grade 9. He is also an AIME qualifier with distinction. Andrew is a curous student who loves teaching and learning math concepts. 

Webinar Information:
  • Students in grades 1-2 with limited or no math competition experience are invited to join the Exploring course.
  • In this course, students will be introduced to 2D and 3D visualization as well as the problem-solving strategies of Draw a Picture, Find a Pattern, Make an Organized List, Build a Table, Spatial Thinking, Symmetry, Balance Equations, and Logical Reasoning through a mixture of Level 1-2 Kangaroo problems.
  • The course will culminate in working through the entire 2022 Level 1-2 contest together as a group.
  • For added challenge, the optional homework for weeks 2-9 will be an entire Math Kangaroo exam to build the students’ persistence and stamina for the actual competition.
  • This webinar is planned to meet 10 times for 1 hour each.    
  • The number of participants is limited to 300 students.


Level 1-2 Lesson Topics Set B:

  1. Advanced patterns
  2. Draw a picture
  3. Spatial thinking
  4. Advanced organized list or table
  5. 2D visual thinking
  6. Symmetry
  7. 3D visual thinking
  8. Balance the scales
  9. Logical reasoning
  10. Review and MK2022
Optional Homework:
  1. Lesson 2 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2014
  2. Lesson 3 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2015
  3. Lesson 4 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2016
  4. Lesson 5 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2017
  5. Lesson 6 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2018
  6. Lesson 7 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2019
  7. Lesson 8 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2020
  8. Lesson 9 Practice Exam 1-2 year 2021
Availability: Session in Progress
Expires on 03/16/2025
Location: Online Meeting
Date / Time: Jan 07 - Mar 10, 2024 EST
Cost: $99.00/Person
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