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California Virtual Center (2021)
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Welcome to Math Kangaroo, the annual International Olympiad in Mathematics!

This Math Kangaroo Virtual Center offers the Math Kangaroo Competition test online. It can be taken from any location with Internet access. The competition will start on or after March 18, 2021. Math Kangaroo will email detailed information about the testing window to each student before March 15, 2021. (Be sure to check your spam folders if you do not see the email on this date).

A student can be registered to this center as long as he/she resides in the state where the center is located.
Math Kangaroo Office will send a T-shirt and a small gift directly to the address of a parent registering a student. 

Math Kangaroo will ask each student to acknowledge (sign) the Math Kangaroo Honor Code before starting the online exam. The exam must be solved and questions answered alone by a student without any supervision. Study aids or resources are not allowed during the exam.  

The regular registration fee is $21 between Sep 15 and Dec 15. A late registration fee is $35 between Dec 16 and Dec 31 (may be extended into a later date while supplies last). There is no registration cancelation or a refund offered after the registration. Math Kangaroo offers financial assistance to families in hardship; please contact to ask for assistance and provide appropriate proof of hardship.

Note 1: Math Kangaroo encourages parents to ask their local school officials to host the Math Kangaroo Competition for the children in the area or at their particular school.


Note 2: Math Kangaroo encourages teachers to introduce the Math Kangaroo Competition to their schools. Math Kangaroo accepts competition hosting applications from August 1 until December 1st each year, and there is no school registration fee. Any participating School may choose to be listed as public, visible, and open to all students, or private, open only to their own students, and visible only with an Invitation Code.

Math Kangaroo honors special accommodations with the proof provided for such need(s).

For more information please visit or email Math Kangaroo office at:


Availability: Registration ends on January 31, 2021
Location: California Virtual Center

California, CA
Date / Time: Mar 18 - May 18, 2021 PST
Cost: $35.00/Person
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