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WEBINAR Jan 29, 2022: Math Kangaroo Calendar and Time for Grades 1 and 2
Webinar Information
This webinar is a great way to learn more about Math Kangaroo problems and optimal ways to approach them.
This webinar was designed for grades 1 and 2.

Topics Covered:
1. An introduction to Math Kangaroo problems 
2. A 4-step method
3. A quick review of problem-solving strategies
4. Calendar and Time (main topic)

Webinar Presenter:
Ya He -  Math Kangaroo Instructor and the founder of Alpha STEM and Phoenix Chess Club. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University and now is a mentor and advocate for Gifted & STEM community, such as Davidson Young Scholars, Johns Hopkins CTY, and FCAG. Ya loves math & chess competitions; as a passionate coach, she led Team Alpha STEM to win many National/Int'l/States top awards for Math League, TJIMO, Purple Comet, Carderock Math Open, Math Olympiad and more.                                       

Webinar Contributor: Harsh Akunuri - Math Kangaroo 2021 gold medalist - received perfect score on Math Kangaroo test last year. He volunteers as a teaching assistant (TA) for Math Kangaroo classes. He is a sophomore in Livingston HS in the state of NJ. Harsh loves math competitions and real-world applied math. He hopes to help others gain and pursue this passion for mathematics.  

Please print this handout before participating.
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: $10.00
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