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VIRTUAL BOOK: Math Kangaroo Grades 7&8 - Q's and Solutions from Years 1998-2022 Even Years
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This is a printable file of our paper Math Kangaroo Book for immediate use. It consists of 170 pages. This book presents 390 entertaining problems and solutions presented to 7th and 8th grade students during the Math Kangaroo Competition odd years spanning 1998-2022, the total of 13 tests.  Each test consists of 30 questions divided into easy, medium, and difficult categories. The questions were selected at the annual
Kangourou sans Frontières meeting where mathematicians from over 80 countries work together to choose the most engaging and age-appropriate questions for the annual Math Kangaroo competition. This easy-to-use resource book includes fun questions, pictures, and interesting solutions that challenge children to use math and logic as a tool for understanding the world around them.   
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The book does not require shipping. It is available for printing at the time of purchase or later. The book will be available in your account for 1 year from the time of purchase.
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VIRTUAL BOOK: Math Kangaroo Levels 7&8 - Q's and Solutions from Years 1998-2022 Even Years
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