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Math Kangaroo Coaching - 5 hours
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Math Kangaroo Online Coaching - 5 hours (1-2 students) 

Registration is open all year long.

Coaching dates and times are agreed after the class is purchased. Please ignore the dates shown in the Date/Time section on the right.

The listed price covers 5 lessons of 55 minutes. One registration of 1 student and one payment can be used for teaching up to 2 students at the same time during each lesson. It is your choice if you would like your student to be taught alone or with a friend or a sibling. If 2 students they must be not more than one grade apart.   

Recommended schedule: 5 meetings: 1-hour classes or as needed. 

The coaching topic (or class choice) will be agreed upon the first initial email after the payment is issued. The recommended classes HERE.


These coaching sessions are interactive classes in which the Math Kangaroo instructor incorporates engagement triggers to have a student participate in an activity.

Availability: Session in Progress
Location: Online Meeting
Date / Time: Jun 10 - Jun 19, 2025 EST
Cost: $425.00/Person
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